RB/VB-IJ Inkjet Printing Modules

Inkjet Belt Module

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The RB/VB-IJ are independent Inkjet modules for the variable information printing of sheets, labels, tickets, envelopes, leaflets, reviews, open boxes, adhesives and so on.

The standard parts and components are:

- RB or VB belt conveyor;

- Inkjet system of minimum one controller (including monitor, keyboard and mouse) and one printer;

- All needed accessories (encoder and product detection kit), cables, wires, shafts and supports;

- Exit Tray (if needed)

  • It has a cylinder motorized belt for minimum noise, maximum speed and best registration.
  • It has a complete Drop on Demand inkjet printing system using Xaar and/or HP technology.
  • It has complete supports for installed PC, keyboard, monitor and encoder.
  • It has complete supports and shafts for inkjet heads mounting.
  • It has all needed transport accessories for feeding and registration.


  • Transport and inkjet numbering and barcoding of multiple tickets and labels sheets.
  • Transport and inkjet numbering and barcoding of single tickets, labels, envelopes.
  • Transport and inkjet printing of envelopes, leaflets and reviews for complete mailing personalization.
  • Transport and inkjet numbering and barcoding of tax stamps.


  • Highly modular design.
  • Easy operating and maintenance.
  • Robust system parts and design.