Camera Inspection Read&Print Diverting Systems

Emwi Camera Systems: Inspection, Read&Print, Diverting

Emwi Linescan 8k

The EMWI Camera Systems are installed, on our or external machines, complete systems to:

  • Monitor, detect and scan the print quality of the inkjet printed variable information (Print Check function);
  • Simultaneously verify print quality and data integrity;
  • Read OCR characters (OCR= Optical Characters Recognition. Not OCR font style);
  • Read & print by inkjet printers;
  • Read & Match with databases;
  • Read, Print (by inkjet printers) and Match (with databases);
  • Verify the correct sequencing and identify the duplicate or missing data;
  • Generate and save visual reports, images and log files;
  • Program and manage the stopping, the diverting, the printing of synchronized machines, conveyors and printers;
  • Set-up and learn the camera, by own property user-friendly software, to any of the available jobs and functions;


  • Mailing Equipment, Diverting units, Stackers, Label Rewinders, Print and Read&Print Inkjet Systems.
  • Quality Control and Inspection Systems, High Speed Variable Information Inkjet Systems.
  • Security Printing Systems for variable information inspection and barcode grading;
  • Pharmaceutical Inkjet Personalization Systems for variable information inspection and barcode grading;


  • Highly modular design.
  • Personalized Installation.
  • Widest scanning areas at fastest speeds.
  • Specialized software tools to read, control, inspect, verify, log and report.

Technical Features and Specifications

All our products fulfill EC directives and standards

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