EmwiJet HP Industrial Feeding and Inkjet Printing Systems

EmwiJet HP Industrial Feeding and Inkjet Printing Systems


The EMWIJET HP Systems are complete feeding and printing systems for the inkjet personalisation of sheets, labels, tickets, envelopes, leaflets, reviews, open boxes, adhesives and so on.

  • They can use low pile air vacuum/blowing feeders, high pile friction feeders or high pile vacuum feeders with continuous or spaced feeding
  • They can use normal rubber or total vacuum cylinder motorized belt conveyors for transporting the objects to print.
  • They can use all Hewlett Packard TIJ2.5 inkjet technology printers and printing modules.
  • They run complete inkjet printing software for all applications and database management
  • They can have optional  UV drying and/or IR drying modules.
  • They can have optional matching/control camera systems with diverting gates modules
  • The exit can be low pile inclined fix trays, helped by an air blowing system for objects separation, or high pile stackers


  • Multiple tickets and labels sheets feeding and inkjet numbering and barcoding (including PVC).
  • Single tickets, labels feeding and inkjet numbering and barcoding (including PVC).
  • Envelopes, leaflets and reviews feeding for the complete personalisation and mailing.
  • Security Tax Stamps sheets feeding and inkjet numbering and barcoding.
  • Security Lotteries Tickets sheets feeding and inkjet full variable data and images personalisation.


  • Highly modular design.
  • Universal feeder for inkjet, inspection and tape application systems
  • Easy operating and maintenance.
  • Robust system parts and design.

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