Tape Application Industrial Systems

Industrial Tape Application Systems (Tear Strip option)


The EMWI FF-Tape or SFF-Tape Systems are complete industrial  feeding and tape application systems for the bi-adhesive tape and tear strips (option) on envelopes, open boxes, glued boxes, cardboards, tickets, plastic cards, leaflets and so on.

  • One controller allows up to four Tape Application Units
  • They can use low pile air vacuum/blowing feeders, high pile friction feeders or high pile vacuum feeders
  • They can use our RB normal rubber or VB total vacuum belt conveyors for transporting the objects.
  • They can be used in-line together with our Xaar and HP inkjet printers.
  • The exit can be low pile inclined fix trays, helped by an air blowing system for objects separation, or high pile stackers


  • Standard Tickets, Envelopes, Plastic Cards feeding and tape application.
  • Closed and open cardboards, irregular shape objects feeding and tape application.
  • Reviews, standard and folded leaflets feeding and tape application.

  • Highly modular design.
  • Universal feeders for inkjet, inspection and tape application systems
  • Easy operating and maintenance.
  • Robust system parts and design.


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