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SFF Suction Feeder


The SFF models are universal air suction blowing feeder with inline finishing options for perforating and/or micro-perforating.

Feeder entrance tray with adjustable vacuum power and direction, frontal and lateral air blowing separation, two side lay register guides, special accessories for irregular shapes.

Feeder entrance tray with Teflon base for minimum feeding friction.

Optical "Two Click Set-up" double sheet detection system.

Finishing System: Up to four finishing lines for perforating and/or microperforating by height/pressure adjustable wheels support arms



  • Multiple tickets and labels sheets feeding for numbering and barcoding (including PVC).
  • Single tickets, labels feeding for numbering and barcoding (including PVC).
  • Security Tax Stamps sheets feeding for numbering and barcoding.
  • Envelopes, leaflets and reviews complete personalisation for mailing.
  • Security Tax stamps numbering and barcoding.


  • Highly modular design.
  • Universal feeder for inkjet, inspection and tape application systems
  • Easy operating and maintenance.
  • Robust system parts and design.


SFF configurations and solutions for inline finishing, inkjet printing, tape applicating and inspection systems

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